Monday, February 20, 2006

Threat of Icy Roads Did Not deter Casting Crowns!

And apparantly not the fans, either. It was a sold-out show. We got over to Chattanooga about 4:00 Alabama time, an hour before the doors opened at Memorial Auditorium. Joshua and I met up with volunteers, and got ready to take tickets at the door and hand out programs. When 6:00 cam...madness ensued. You may think handing out programs isno big deal, but when you've got a few thousand people coming through 3 small doorways, it gets intense. But it was fun, and the concert was phenomenal (sp?), as usual. These guys are the best. Nicole Nordeman and Josh Bates were great, too, and Tony Nolan gives a great message. It always ends up being a spirit-filled worship service. Click here for more photos.


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