Monday, January 30, 2006

Something's Fishy...Again

So there's 2 additions to my new fish tank: a Red-Bellied Pacu, and a Red Devil. Too much fun! Pictures to come!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Life Baptist Church

Check out our church website... http:\\
Geoffrey, Josh, and myself have all enjoyed working on it.

Other Way Buddy!

So, I'm driving home last night at midnight, and as I head up a small hill on Highway 72, what should I see but headlights in my lane, COMING TOWARDS ME! REALLY FAST! Now, get this folks, this a 4 lane divided highway, it's NOT easy to go the wrong way. But this little white car was!
So I swerve, he swerves, we came REALLY close to having a booboo. I end up off the road. I honk a few times and quickly turn around to stop the guy, you know, just to make sure everything was OK. I get right up on him, and turns off into CVS Pharmacy, and I'm thinking "Now, do I really want to do this?" Well, after a quick thought, I just start turning around, and he starts to head off, then I end up following him again. Maybe I DO want to talk to him. Well, he ends up going back the direction he was originally going, this time in the correct lane. So I just let it go, turned around and went home. But I still wish I talked him, I'm so curious as to why he was doing that. Oh, well. At least I was awake the rest of the way home.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Christmas Tour a Real "JINGLE"

Sorry a little late for this one...
Went to Birmingham to run MercyMe's merchandise table. It was a lot of fun. MercyMe and Steven Curtis Chapman really know how to get in the Christmas spirit.

We're gonna miss them!

Nashville, Tenn., (January 18, 2006) – One of the industries top bands, Audio Adrenaline announces that it will add a final chapter to its substantial career with Adios, slated to release later this year. After 15-years of music and mission, Audio Adrenaline is choosing to say "adios," offering one more nod to its considerable fan base with the album and select live events.

After years of giving his all on stage and in the studio, Audio Adrenaline frontman Mark Stuart is experiencing ongoing vocal challenges. After consulting with doctors, it is clear the toll his voice has taken will prevent his ability to continue a consistent live performance schedule.

To read more on this go to

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Something's Fishy

Got my new 125 gallon tank set up, and my 3 favorite babies are enjoying it. More fishies soon to join them.

Paintball at the Haynes went well!